Girl Empowerment Programs


Girls In Coding

Learning to code empowers girls with the skills necessary to work in an industry that has become the foundation of our technological infrastructure. From designing websites and creating computer programs to programming robots and working with AI, coding prepares girls to both understand and utilize the technology shaping our world today.  The Coding/Robotics program includes a hands-on learning approach that provides girls with opportunities to program robots to achieve specific objectives, and fostering problem solving, creativity, motivation, and improvisation.

Girls in Film

Girls learn the moviemaking process, including pre-production storyboarding, filming techniques, and post-production editing. Students use special effects, music, sound effects and transitions to add drama and excitement to their films. Girls also learn and explore different perspectives and production topics. At the end of the program, students will showcase their films at local and/or national film festivals or competitions.  Girls in Film creates opportunities for girls to develop skills for film creation; allows them to express their creativity and develop team building skills; and provides hands-on experience to prepare girls for film industry related jobs.

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Girls’ Hour

The Boys & Girls Club of Hollywood has created an innovative method to increase and retain the number of girls in sports – Girls’ Hour.  Through this program, we demonstrated to our girls that it is socially acceptable to participate in sports. Our female students engage in exercise, fitness games, and activities that are geared to encourage teamwork, exercise, and positive reinforcement. Giving girls a chance to play sports without the concern of boys looking on or judging gives girls the freedom to perform with exhilaration. Often times, participation in the Girls’ Hour leads female students to participate in other sports offered at the Club.

Empowerment Workshops & Panels

Workshops and panels create a space for our girls to express their passion, hopes and dreams.  With a focus on empowerment, our girls explore the challenges, struggles and barriers that face and develop the tools necessary to overcome them.  Women in all professions are invited to speak to our young girls to share their key to success. Our goal is to empower our girls to accept and celebrate who they are.