Our Vision

Inspire and empower all young people


The Boys & Girls Club of Hollywood will be recognized as an active and vital partner in Hollywood’s renaissance and community revitalization. As a result of their participation in our Club’s high-quality programs, our children and youth will be supported by strong partnerships in the Hollywood community. They will be provided rich opportunities with Hollywood’s business and community leaders to actively participate as youth ambassadors and apprentices, and will serve as examples of how other organizations can meet the needs of youth in Hollywood and elsewhere.


The Club’s success in continuing a standard of excellence in its programs and expanding its efforts through community partnerships will result from the Board and Executive leadership and a commitment to high-quality, high-value leadership development for children, youth, and families. As a result, the Club’s Board and Executive leadership will be acknowledged as leading advocates for child and youth development, and will be sought out for service and support by fellow community leaders in their efforts to build a stronger Hollywood for all families.

Mel Culpepper
Chief Executive Officer

Mel Culpepper at the 2018 80th Anniversary Gala (Photo: Vince Bucci)

Mel Culpepper at the 2018 80th Anniversary Gala (Photo: Vince Bucci)