BGCH Tietjen Scholars


2019 Tietjen Scholars

- Ximena Diaz

-Linda Garcia

-Eiara Fajardo

-D’Angelo Guerrero

-Eloisa Peraza

-Madeline Son


The John P and John C Tietjen Scholarship Fund was founded in 2018, to honor the lifelong commitment to education of my Father, John P. Tietjen, and my older brother and only sibling, John C. Tietjen.

I had recently lost both of them within a years time of each other, and wanted to pay tribute to their public high school teaching careers, that spanned more than 70 years, combined.

My Father returned from WWII,  having survived the Normandy landing, and was later, the only survivor of a bombing, that left him recovering, hospitalized in England for many months. He then finished his Bachelor’s degree at the University of California, and taught for 37 years at the same public high school.  My older brother followed in his footsteps, also a graduate of the University of California. He taught for nearly 35 years, before a terminal illness forced him to an unwanted early retirement.

I could think of no better way to honor their public service, than to establish a Fund to help students achieve their goals of being able to attend college. Nothing would make my Father and Brother smile more, than to see hard working kids have a chance to achieve their goals and dreams.

-Robert Tietjen

Please join the Tietjen family by donating directly to the scholarship fund which supports students pursuing higher education.

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