Equal Access to Quality Education.

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LAUSD has prescribed yet another cure for their failing school system, Common Core and STEM.  The problem with this cure is it doesn’t work for the students that need it most.  Students of color continue to be in the bottom percentile for high school graduation and college readiness.  Students who are receiving quality education may show success with Common Core and STEM, however students who are struggling to read or master basic math will continue to fail until these core skills are developed.

Of the 2,328,347 children living in Los Angeles County, 62% are Latino/Hispanic and 7% are African American .

  • Only 41% of 3rd graders read at grade level

  • Only 33% meet or exceed state standards in math

  • Asians score the highest on the Education Index at 7.12, followed closely by whites at 7.02. African Americans score at 4.64. The lowest scoring group is Latinos at 2.80.


Seventy-seven (77%) of BGCH students are Latino and second largest group of students are African American at 10%.    

We are committed to ensuring that our students are reading at grade level and have mastered math skills to prepare them for academic success. We will implement a program to improve reading, math and comprehension skills that support students to learn at their own pace. Our goal is to personalize instruction to meet the needs of students at all reading and math levels.  Our comprehensive approach will offer our students the opportunity to develop the core skills necessary to benefits from academic initiatives such as Common Core and STEM and increase their access to quality education.